Jack and Jennifer Church -
Jack Church is a Clinical Massage Specialist with over 20 years experience and many thousands of table hours .  He has studied myofascial release with John Barnes and Bob King and Neuromuscular Therapy with Judith Walker.  Jack also has extensive training in traditional relaxing/healing therapeutic massage, cranial sacral therapy, reflexology, and reiki.  Reiki is included in every session.  He specializes in treating acute & chronic pain, as well as stress management.   Over the years, Jack has specialized in treating sports injuries, as well as, aches and pains that just don't ever seem to go away.
Jack's Services:
Myofascial Release Therapy
Neuromuscular Therapy
Therapeutic Massage
"I flew to a specialist in Boston for help with a chronic ache near my left ear.  I got a diagnosis but no relief.  I also flew to the mayo clinic and again got no relief from the pain.  After one hour with Jack, the pain cleared up to such a degree that I was shockingly surprised."
                                                      M.F.  Orthopedic surgeon  Morristown NJ
"Jack seems to intuitively know exactly where to touch to help me let go of any aches, pains, or stress."
                                                     J.E.  Financial Analyst    Mendham NJ
"Jack has helped me with some chronic complaints and injuries on and off for seven years."
                                                    K.D.  Long distance runner  Chatham NJ